Friday, September 3, 2010

I have mentioned before.. admiration of writers able to evoke emotion in their readers, and pointed out that Dean Koontz is my favorite. He is capable of transporting his readers into the whirlwind of activity and reminding us of the irascible nature of evil.

Some of his subject matter may not be appealing to everyone, but I always considered his ability to touch on the darker side of human nature fascinating. I wondered how he invented these characters and built a profile of such anti social thinking until I moved to NYC and realized that people like that really do exist.

Moreover than his ability to explain the so called logic of what we consider sociopaths, is his ability to create a bond with his affable and hapless unsung heroes. His Odd Thomas series make me laugh out loud on the train in such a manner that I might be viewed as what NYer's commonly call "the crazy homeless Bowery bum".

I am currently reading Life Expectancy in which I have developed a maternal instinct to protect its primary subject, Jimmy Tock. I have developed such an affinity for him that is taking me three times longer than normal to read this book, as its delectable consumption is interspersed with such bouts of laughter and tears, that I continually must put it down to eradicate the tears of mostly joy, and sometimes sadness.

Thank you, Mr. Koontz for another brilliant novel. A must read!!

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