Monday, October 4, 2010

I wish I could figure out....

...what it is I want to be when I grow up. At a time in my life when I should be looking forward to retirement, I am instead, going on job interviews for positions I don't want.

Generally speaking, in this industry there is no 401K, pension, or even health benefits. I have determined that, at the rate I am going, I should keel over behind the bar somewhere around the age of 92.

I basically have nothing to show for the past 38 years of labor, and cannot for the life of me, figure what I should be doing providing I am to start all over this late in the game.

"They" say it's never too late...but for what, Peter Pan??

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  1. I know it sounds cliche but you get a "do over."

    Due to my profession and what I have choosen to due I have experieinced a lot of unemployment in my career. I am in HR with a specialty in systems design. Usually by the time a company recognizes they are in trouble and hire me it is too late. So I have been involved in many plant closings, I was the lucky one that got to say sign here, sign there, have a good life. ;-)

    After the first couple times of unemployment that I thought was going to destroy me I really did begain to internalize the "do over" philosophy. New job, new careers, new cities, new people, so many opportunities.

    So many people are stuck in jobs and careers they hate but do not have the guts to leave. At first I never had the guts so it was easier whe the decision was made for me. Then I began to become excited either when I knew the time was near or I had made the decision to go.

    Check out "informational meetings". Learn about other career options without expecting a job, but it does expand your network. I actually went to an informational meeting once and a company "made" a postion for me.

    Good Luck and I looking forward to hearing more about looking for work in NY. One company wanted me and offered a job in Central NY but I turned them down. Didn't want to experience the snow around Lake Ontario.