Thursday, June 3, 2010

Probably a great...

...majority of families can be termed "dysfunctional". Divorce, non communication, physical disability, mental instability, sexual preference are all fairly common contributors to the terminology. This list goes on and on, and in a society where we are taught tolerance families most adeptly demonstrate the inability to do so.

So what is the definition of family? Not a birth right or an automatic marriage extension, but one who is always and has always cared no matter what. I'm pretty lucky to have an extended "family" that include my ex in-laws, step dad, half brother, former lover, and current friends. Is all that ex step half former current stuff hard to keep track of? Nah, surround yourself with the people you care the most about, and the people who care about you.

In the end, family is all you've got. Get well soon, Lee. We all love you.

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