Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have often...

...reflected that truly great writers are able to evoke emotion in their readers without the benefit of intonation or facial expression. Apparently, even with these aides, I am unable to vocalize my thoughts in such a manner that people understand my meaning.

During a recent conversation a friend indicated to me that he had only just realized what I had been trying to say some weeks earlier. He had misconstrued my intent and labored under false pretenses for some time.

I consider myself to be a straightforward person, and have been told to soften the truth on more than one occasion. Although I do not consider myself a great communicator, it confounds me that someone is capable of hearing something other than what I am saying.

I find that more often than not when people argue, they are actually saying the same thing in different words. How is it that we are capable of saying the same things and interpreting them differently?

We're still not paying attention, class. Listen up!

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