Monday, August 2, 2010

I have mentioned before...

..that I am currently blessed with the best crew I have ever worked with or for. Although I include the management and owners 1000% in that statement, I am mostly referring to the staff I work with five nights a week.

This staff treats me with the utmost respect, genuine affection and appreciation, and forgive me my occasional temper tantrum. This staff is supportive and caring and professional. They work hard and they consist of guys from Romania, Croatia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba.

I genuinely love these guys, so in a small effort to show my appreciation for them I have risen in the early hours of the past few Saturday mornings to make the trip out to Flushing Meadows Park in Queens to watch them play soccer. They organized themselves and play with strangers looking for fun and relief. They even play well together, and it's a pleasure to root for them.

So you can imagine how sickened I was to learn that a hate crime had taken place against a foreign national in that very park after such an event. I can't begin to explain my disgust at American stupidity. We all came from somewhere else, how is it feasible to hurt someone based on their nationality?

You don't deserve to call yourself an American.


  1. Bev, that's a very sweet post, until we get to the hate crime. But the good news is the regard in which you hold your co-workers, and that counts for more than the evil doings of others. Dave

  2. Dave, I feel so ashamed this kind of thing still happens here in this day and age. It nearly gives me a perspective on downtrodden. It reminds me of an oldie but a goodie: