Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The cast and crew of....

...my employment production deserve an Oscar nod. The crew gets on very well and we all manage to play nicely together. There are no prima donnas and no consorting, both rare in my industry. The producers treat us well and the working environment favors the "10" end of the scale.

But the real draw, the real entertainment value, belongs to the cast of neighborhood characters. Everyone seems to know their role and plays it so well. Indeed, we have a raucous time playing our respective parts. We have developed a rapport in which we are all comfortable with the order of things.

So last evening, as we were yukking it up, I was amused by the outsider's view. A tourist was privileged to catch a scene from our performance, and although he did not review the entire cast, I was satisfied that I appear to be a "man hater".

All the world's a stage.


  1. And you are the Star of the show.

  2. Finally, we get a female perspective! Thanks for weighing in, Georgia. How did you find me?