Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It is human nature... want what we don't have. That's why when it is 50 degrees outside, we turn the heat up to 80, and when it's 80 degrees outside we turn the A/C to 50. That's why girls with straight hair get perms, and girls with curly hair get their hair straightened. That's why someone who is unobtainable automatically becomes more attractive.

While there is likely a scientific reason for this phenomenon, the philosophical aspect causes a great deal of angst among a varying scope of people, including myself. I don't obsess, but rather accept these facts as truths, thereby saving myself countless hours on the shrink's couch and thousands of dollars.

Still, there was a period in my life when I constantly lost my keys. It stopped when I realized I was causing it to happen by psyching myself out all the time. More recently I have decided that most everyone I let in, lets me down. I can only give you the benefit of the doubt for so long, then it's time to write you off, too.

Do they have a pill for that?


  1. Are you kidding? They have a Pill for Everything, but the side effects are terrible! BTW, i read your Blog about your Brother being Addicted to Alcohol. I did'nt realize it affected your mother and you so much. But, not surprising, family of Alcoholic's suffer the most. I know cause i am one, you know (knew) that. Anyhow, today I Am Four Years Sober! The reason im telling you this is because i am, well, Proud. And...if your Mother or you ever need to talk about Alcoholism or have question's, i'm a pro. Jus sayin...

  2. Congrats Annie!! I'm proud of you, too!!

  3. "Most everyone I let in let's me down." Beverly, I have to say that's such a negative judgment. Hope, my friend, hope is what keeps us all going.

  4. Hope is a four letter word, as is joke. The preference is personal.