Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last night...

...a former reader indicated that my blog has become "boring". I briefly considered signing off, as this is most likely a true statement. However, I realized boring is good!

Boring means drama free, a good thing. Rantless means low frustration levels, a good thing. Raveless means more patience, a good thing. Do I know a good thing when I see it, or what?


  1. I enjoy your blog. I found your blog through Dave.

    You blog and writings about your life is so different and it is insightful. My life is of a manufacturing plant manager located in the Kansas City area. I have not been to New York City, not sure I even have the desire, too many people for me I prefer to get away from it all when I go somewhere.

    My vote is keep writing.

  2. Thanks! NYC can be a very difficult place to live, but nothing as difficult as what you guys are going through. I found you through Dave as well, and I forwarded your site to my mom. You see, I have a brother who is addicted to alcohol. The first time my mom read your blog, she cried. She cried for my brother, she cried, for herself, she cried for you guys, and she cried for all the other parents who are suffering. So thank you for allowing my mom to grieve with some dignity. Welcome aboard this crazy ride called NYC, middle America. You're the heart of this great nation!

  3. There is no failure if you never give up. Words to live by.

    Besides, "boring" is a relative term.

  4. My goodness, thanks for the mentions guys. I'm flattered.