Thursday, July 8, 2010

In a freaky coincidence... friend Dave posted an eerily similar blog to the one I posted yesterday. Here's his link:

Dave was wondering aloud about the greatest rock band the world has ever seen. He narrowed his search to The Stones and The Beatles. In my circle of friends the combatants were The Who and Led Zeppelin.

Recently, during an Aerosmith debate, Dave and I agreed that we are both somewhat competitive. So with that in mind, I hope more of you weigh in on this one, the world's greatest rock band:

A) The Who
B) Led Zeppelin
C) The Beatles
D) The Rolling Stones
E) Other


  1. I enjoyed both your and Dave's subject yesterday and commented on both.

    I have another question for everyone that is somewhat to this subject. I hope you don't mind.

    The bands and artists I see being listed on your blog and Dave's is music of nearly 50 years ago. It is obvious that the music has stood the test of time not only by the orginal artist, but there have been countless re-makes by artists of "today".

    My question: What artists on the scene today will have the staying power that in 50 years their music will be relevant and define a generation?

  2. Good point. If you listen to a lot of this newer "R&B" they have remixed classical rock and roll, and are even using the lyrics. This newer music does not have the soul of Motown or the real R&B singers like Sly & the Family Stone. I can't name a single artist or band that has lasted from the 90's, and only a very few from the 80's. These poor kids of today, no one to touch their souls.

  3. Good question Ron. I can name a couple of more-or-less current artists (Well, at least they're not dead yet) whose music will be remembered for decades:

    1. Bono
    2. 50 cent
    3. Springsteen
    4. Madonna
    5. Garth Brooks

    And by the way, speaking of dead artists, I just love the sound of Julie London, the smokey-voiced siren of the 50s who could purr Biwitched, Bothered and Bewildered in a way that could make you weep.

  4. Ive read "Polls" on who is the greatest rock band ever, and Aerosmith has been number one. I love The Who and The Stones, and everyone loves Led Zep! Its hard to chose! I love them all for different reasons! Aerosmith are touring again, it seems as though Steven Tyler has trouble staying on "The Wagon", but has produced 12 new songs for their new c.d./tour while in Rehab.

  5. I failed to mention The Beatles, definitely last on my list. Only a few songs i like from them...