Friday, July 16, 2010

There are people who...

...hate the heat and people who hate the cold. I fall into the later category. Normally I would be frolicking about this time of year, working on my tan, relishing the sun's rays. For what ever reason, this year I seem to be feeling lethargic and am spending most of my days indoors.

Last year nearly every weekend was spent at the Jersey shore, this year my vacation tan is fading fast. I do not agree with the naysayers who claim the heat is oppressive. Quite the opposite, I will reserve my complaints for the winter months, when it hurts your lungs to breathe. When the snot freezes half way out of your nose to form really ugly snotcicles. When thirty layers of clothes makes waddling any where a chore within itself. When 75% of our waking hours are spent in cave dwelling darkness.

Nope, it must be the humidity.

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