Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some of my readers...

..opt to email me personally or visit their feedback in person. I've decided to share some of it. In response to my "unnecessary noise" post, I received an email about unnecessary body movements. You know, the foot shaking and the knee bopping. I've been guilty as charged on both counts in the past but have reformed mightily, although I catch myself from time to time.

Another email indicated that my choices for all time rock bands left a little to be desired. Donna Fargo and The Carpenters don't count.

The last response was a little more disconcerting. Someone I know fairly well indicated that my blog was becoming very personal upon the posting of "I am not a morning person". I was saddened that my attempt at emulating Erma Bombeck fell so miserably short that someone who knows me failed to recognize my attempt at sarcasm.

It has never happened before that I have failed in an attempt at being sarcastic. I must be getting old.

Sorry Sgt. Joe Friday, I crack me up.


  1. Bev, one of the great delights of having your own blog is that you, well, have your own blog. Like you, I have some readers who prefer to email me, and quite often do so critically. I tell 'em to get their own blog if they don't like it. They have not so far followed my advice. Dave

  2. Dave, I do not not know why I am so giddy and happy these days, but you are 100% correct. I am neither chicken shit nor She-ra, just happy to have a voice.