Thursday, May 6, 2010

Are people blissfully unaware...

..or completely self absorbed? I am fairly certain that in a city this size at least of a few of its residents are aware of their surroundings. I would hope that most of you check traffic before crossing the street, step over the gap when entering and exiting the trains, are conscience of other people when manipulating revolving doors, and when negotiating the sidewalks.

So why is it that I must ask you to remove your inanimate objects from the barstool so that a breathing paying customer can sit down? You don't notice this parched trembling being hovering around, lusting after the seat occupied by your laptop? Why is it when you ignore me after I have greeted you or stood waiting for your drink order for some seemingly indeterminable length of time are you shocked when I simply walk away?

Did you not notice the piano music stopped an hour ago, when the piano player left, and 80% of the staff changed into their street clothes, accompanying the rest of the patrons out the front door? Do you not see the staff unfortunate enough to be stuck with you are silently praying for your departure? Of course they are agreeable, it means their jobs, you self absorbed jerk.

Unless you are leaving with a member of the staff, you should never be the last person in the bar or restaurant.

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