Monday, May 3, 2010

How far is ... too far? In a world where satellites can project images to computer screens, where video phones are about to burst onto the market, where laser surgery is commonplace, and cars can now park themselves; how is it possible that things like child pornography and incest still exist? How is it possible women are still stoned to death and illiteracy runs rampant? Why do ghettos remain anywhere on this planet and how can we justify making assumptions about other people based on their looks alone?

Where are the great thinkers and innovators? Why have we focused on money as opposed to scientific and medical advancements? Our leaders have failed us miserably, and what is more, we allowed them to do it. Who cares what Tiger or Jenna and Tito are doing? It is time to reprioritize, refocus, and regain our footing.

We haven't come nearly far enough.

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  1. Seemingly, as far as humankind comes there are always far more that bring us backwards...