Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yesterday's blog...

...raised an eyebrow or two. Thank you to the three people in the world who were concerned about me as a result of reading it. It would seem that I managed to emit a morose tinge to my post. While that was most likely subconscious and true, my intention was to indicate that I am feeling scatter brained.

I have been considering several ideas for this blog, and have been unable to settle on one. Do the arts affect social morality? I have recently been haunted by some lyrics, and longed to see specific movies repeatedly. How has loss affected us as individuals? Losing people I have cared for has always manged to stay with me much longer than I would like, losing my job has never bothered me. Have you ever sent or received a text message, email, or voice mail in error? I have done both, and wonder if I lost a friend or made a stranger a new one as a result. Do you believe in love at first sight? It happened to me once.

These are all things I may ponder under the Florida skies. Then again, maybe not.

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