Friday, May 7, 2010

We live in...

... a disgustingly litigious society. Frivolous law suits invite the government into our bedrooms to hold our hands; they scream take care of me for I am unable to make my own decisions or I am too lazy to work and am looking for that one big, easy score. Does anyone recall the woman who sued a restaurant chain for giving her a hot cup of coffee and WON? She sued an organization for giving her what she ordered and WON!

That opened the floodgates for every excuse to pursue someone else's almighty dollar. It has become standard that the world owes everyone who considers themselves different or unfortunate, fewer and fewer people seek career paths, more and more seek the settlement. It is one of the things that splinter our population and divide us into special interest groups rather than one nation, undivided.

This hostile environment has recently lead to a dear friend having her head put on the sacrificial lamb chopping block, undeservedly so. In a world where sensitivity training, sexual harassment awareness, and tolerance are widely considered life tools, we tend to forget they are tools that can be used to stab us in the back in pursuit of the greed dream.

We've all heard the quote, "All is fair in love and war". Those who love money are willing to wage war against your character in an effort to get it. Watch your back.

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  1. Hey Beverly....Told you I'd take a look at your blog. Great name, good blogs, and a nice picture. What could be better! See you in blogland, or the bar, or wherever. Dave