Saturday, May 1, 2010

A man is only as good... his word. I believe this quote is attributable to Theodore Roosevelt. I wonder if he meant that a man who spews obscenities, is just that; obscene. A man who spews hatred, hateful. A man who spews bigotry, bigoted. Or maybe he was referring to empty or broken promises, an unreliable man. Maybe he realized that a man late for an appointment essentially told the person waiting for him that his time is more important than theirs.

Of course, he never envisioned the invention of cell phones, Ipads & Iphones, Blackberries, OnStar, TomTom, or an entire slew of gadgets designed specifically to keep us connected and informed. These devices only magnify man's disregard for the person left waiting and wondering.

Don't wonder what impression you have left someone with if you stand them up, or spout negativity; because it is apparent to us that you don't really care. Do mankind a favor and stay home.

Hopefully, Teddy and my readers would agree, the operative word is MAN-KIND

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