Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm back from...

...undoubtedly the best vacation of my life. I was in good company, the weather was perfect the entire time, I visited some old friends and made a very important new one, the water was warm, the wine was cold, and the beach front hotel, by all standards, was quite nice.

Indeed, while staying there I was witness to at least one convention and one beach site wedding. Given the appointments and the popularity of this hotel I have only one question regarding the accommodations. All three of us shared a peculiarity in our respective rooms that warrants mention.

Our rooms shared a detail which confounds me, and was quite a lively subject of debate, although I am sure two bottles of wine contributed to the confusion. Someone actually designed, executed, and spent time energy and money to install a cut out between the bathroom and the sleeping quarters of the room.

This "window" did not overlook any scenery, was not functional in any ventilation respect, and was served by, none other than, a shutter; as was the actual door to the bathroom. Why lend an architectural detail to a room if it affords you no privacy?

Andrea says that even a couple married as long as twenty years needs privacy in this respect. "Honey, get me a beer." "Honey, where's the remote?"

I guess these folks think the honeymoon is over, or maybe you just had to be there.


  1. Interesting architectural design feature. My take is that it affords the option of alternate access when either person just "can't wait any longer". Waiting for what is the question and in the case of you, I can certainly remember a longing that trumps anything having to do with bathrooms and toilets, etc.

  2. I want to make a comment im not sure you will like, i like to point finger's, so please tell me if it's o.k. with you if i do make a point.