Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Taxi cabs are...

..a plague within NYC. They are more rampant than rats or roaches and usually driven by maniacal unsafe and discourteous horn honkers with a death wish. Indeed any sane person has misgivings getting into one of these bright yellow hearses.

I seldom subject myself to being ripped off by these ghouls, but like taxes, there are times that it cannot be avoided. Last week when I took a cab for about 90 blocks, I was not startled by the $15 price tag. I was more than dismayed last night when I went one third of that distance for more than half the price.

Here's the deal; I walked to the train station which was closed. There were no posted alerts for service disruption and this is not an uncommon instance. Now my choices are back track the way I came, plus another four blocks OR 19 blocks to the next express stop on the train.

It is 1 am, I am tired, so I hail a cab. Now most of you are probably aware there is a $1 service charge for each cab ride that goes to the MTA. I have to pay an extra dollar for a train that isn't running, has inconvenienced me incredibly, and cost me to take my life into my own hands at the mercy of someone is going to steal my hard earned money.

Like a friend of mine likes to say, "beyond the pale!"

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  1. During the scary Giuliani Days, cab drivers went on protest one Wednesday in the late 90's and it was a vision of Heaven On Earth. Manhattan became a veritable Eden in one short, but oh-so-sweet, 24 hour period. During a brief drive from Tribeca to Union Square I was treated to a journey blissfully free of road rage over the unreasonable behaviour of those miniature yellow asylum boxes and completely devoid of the angst associated with bizarre, yellow-stained traffic jams presaging looming tardiness from even short trips.

    In these fascist Days of Bloomberg, the taxi drivers threatened to bring Heaven On Earth to Manhattan once again over some Fourth Reich-style machinations but wisely backed down. After all, Bloomberg's "Saddam-Khan" DOT Commissioner has created more than enough permanent traffic congestion zones just about everywhere already...