Monday, May 10, 2010

Physical fitness is...

..a pain in the ass. About five months ago my motivation decided to go AWOL, shortly afterwards my metabolism retired, probably somewhere down south where it is warm and sunny. Comfort food and 13 lbs. moved into the neighborhood of my ass and have caused the value to plummet.

Now I've been trying to get motivation to return and rally a neighborhood watch. It reluctantly agreed to return for a trial basis. Today we weeded some overgrown areas and collected some debris in some of the long forgotten vacant muscles. Tomorrow we will try to locate metabolism and see if we can shame into assistance.

Getting back into shape is a lot more difficult than allowing yourself to get out of it. Maintenance is easier than reconstruction, even if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, don't give up. The older we get the harder it gets. I'm guessing 10x the work for half the results.

Gym is a dirty word. Cellulite is a sentence.


  1. It gets worse Beverly. The older you get (gasp!) the worse it gets. Every ounce you eat ends up on your gut or your butt, depending on your gender. But good for you for getting back to the exercise routine. It only helps, it never hurts.

  2. You may get lucky and create a higher basal metabolic rate so that you are burning calories effectively even at rest!