Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sex, politics, and religion...

...are three hot topic subjects which I like to avoid, especially when mixed with alcohol. Discussions involving any one of these three can lead to raised voices and finger pointing, but as long as everyone keeps their hands to themselves, I am generally happy when you kids play amongst yourselves.

There has been a term floating around of late that bothers me, sex addict. It just smacks of another excuse as to why one does not control their behavior. Granted, a cheat has many of the characteristics of an addict, they destroy lives, decimate trust and tear apart homes. They lie, manipulate and make excuses, refusing to see or admit to the problem. They cause themselves and others financial strain and seem to be unaware of the pain they inflict. Indeed, they do no want to correct the problem as they do not admit to one.

Now saying that cheating is an addiction, is simply another excuse for bad behavior. A liar is a liar, an addict is an addict, and a cheat is a cheat.

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